Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wicker Man 40th anniversary celebrated in Sight and Sound

From BFI website:
"Come, it is time to keep your appointment with our October issue, celebrating 40 years of rising renown of The Wicker Man. Born of the dry taste for elaborate games and wind-ups of advertising partners Robin Hardy and Peter Shaffer, boasting Christopher Lee’s own-declared greatest performance as pagan misty-island magnate Lord Summerisle, and sitting on the fold of pre-Christian Celtic folklore and post-60s hippie social entryism, this “Citizen Kane of horror” must be, as Vic Pratt explores in our cover feature Long Arm of the Lore, “the most splendid example of British ‘folk horror’, in which a remote regional community, and ancient customs and archaic superstitions, dismissed or marginalised by clever-clogs city folk, wreak havoc upon forces of modernity, order and authority.”

Due out on Oct 13th is The Wicker Man bluray. Though touted as the 'final cut' it doesn't contain the supposed material buried in a motorway, but it looks like a must buy anyway, remastered and overseen by Robin Hardy. The film also gets a cinema re-release.

• Disc 1
o The final Cut
o The Directors Cut with commentary
o The UK theatrical cut
o Making of Audio Commentary short film
• Disc 2
o Interview with Robin Hardy
o The music of The Wicker Man featurette
o Worshipping The Wicker Man - Famous fans featurette
o The restoration of The Wicker Man featurette
o Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man documentary written by Mark Kermode;
o Interview with Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy (1979)
o Trailer
• Disc 3
o Soundtrack


  1. Are there any similar or related movies or series covering similar topics? Pagan evil communities, old customs, pastoral imgagery? Crowhaven Farm and the Secret of Harvest Home series, yes... but anything else?

  2. Quality titles that spring to mind would be Curse of the Demon, Blood On Satan's Claw, Robin Redbreast, Witchfinder General.
    Of lesser quality (some terrible) would be wicker tree, darklands, black noon, puffball, wakewood

  3. Also A Field in England, Kill List, Murrain.

  4. Thought you'd be interested in this

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, but the vinyl is sold out already! I'm tempted by the poster though - it'd look nice framed. There's another good new poster design here


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